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You can command a lot of control in golf, from the golf clubs in your bag to how much power is being placed behind the golf ball. Unfortunately there’s one thing that no level of technology can restrain: the weather.

Yes, we’ve all had to plunder through a round with the wind whipping up your hair and twisting the golf club from your hands every time the perfect swing is being set up. And that cold blustery weather doesn’t just put you off, oh no; it chills you too, so your fingers are cold and your body unresponsive. This can really bring down a good game of golf, so what can you do about it? We’ve written up this very simple buying guide detailing which windproof clothing is ideal for the cold weather and the benefits they offer so you can finally face the cold without reservations.

Windproof Protection Clothing

There’s no secret art hidden within the fact that windproof clothing reduces coldness in the body and improves playability on the golf course. There are, however, a few very good tips in what to choose and how to choose it.

Windproof clothing is the protective layer that keeps cold away from skin so you remain warm and comfortable when on the golf course. The best outdoor wind clothing should be lightweight in construction and nothing like the weight of a coat as this will surely hold you back from performing anywhere near your best, and it also needs to be highly breathable. If clothing is too hot then chances are you will just have to take it off again anyway, which defeats the purpose of buying windproof attire. Windproof clothing is not waterproof. If you play in severely wet conditions then chances are windproof attire will be ineffective and you’ll catch a cold on top of your bad mood. Some windproof clothing is treated with Teflon to offer slight protection from rain but this is not guaranteed and should only be worn as a means to keep warm in the cold. Windproof clothing is less expensive than waterproof clothing and will assure warmth in very cold, dry temperatures.