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Waterproof clothing is never a bad thing, especially if you live in places which are under constant bombardment from poor weather conditions. At Onlinegolf we stock a wide variety of golf waterproofs, each designed by their specific brands and offering some excellent benefits for play in cold, wet weather.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro facing adverse weather on a regular basis wearing a Galvin Green Acton Gore Tex Waterproof Jacket or a part-time player who doesn’t enjoy having his or her game ruined by potential dark clouds hovering overhead so opt for the Golfino Ladies Water Resistant Micro Jacket, then buying some good waterproof clothing is perfect for you.

Varieties of Waterproof Protection


General waterproof clothing will protect from light, medium and heavy rain, while also keeping you warm and comfortable. There are waterproof suits available, in which you can wear a jacket and trousers together to stay entirely warm, or simply buy one or the other. Waterproof clothing is 100% going to keep you dry but it will make a significant dent in your wallet if you want the best attires, which in all honesty, you really do.

Waterproof Guarantees

Some golf manufacturers will offer you a waterproof guarantee when you make a purchase and you should definitely check this out before buying. The top end brands should offer something akin to three-year waterproof guarantees, and these should be taken up as they are always worth the extra investment.

The Differences Between Rainproof & Showerproof Clothing

Firstly let us start by clearing this up: rainproof clothing is not waterproof but actually acts more as a secondary option for wet weather conditions. A regular golf waterproof might be made from Gore-Tex materials, which are very tough and resilient in rain, whereas rainproof clothing is typically made up of fabrics that are treated with Teflon, which means they tend to keep water from penetrating for short periods but allow airflow into the garment and may start to wick moisture in during long exposure to poor weather. The same goes for showerproof clothing, although both of these attires are lightweight in design and less expensive than their waterproof counterpart, but of course they do not offer any guaranteed of you remaining dry and warm in prolonged rainfall.

Types of Waterproof Clothing: What’s out there?


Those seeking upper body dryness in wet weather should first set their sights on owning a Waterproof jacket. Waterproof jackets still have plenty of movement and freedom within the arms and chest areas without restriction and you can still perform any type of golf club swing. A typical waterproof jacket will offer plenty of storage options such as zippered pockets and sometimes a rain hood. They are incredibly lightweight, laying waste to their appearance of being thick and bulky. Jackets are expensive, as all waterproof clothing is, but it works wonders in all conditions.


Golf trousers made from waterproof materials are essential if playing in very heavy rain. When the temperature drops too far, the lower body can become very open to the cold and wet can quickly set in to cause difficulty walking long distances without irritation. Waterproof trousers are best when they have an elastic waistline so they can be pulled on and off with ease. a good way to save money is to buy the waterproof trousers and waterproof jacket as a set, as this will perhaps cost less than purchasing separately.

Short-Sleeve Jackets

The more breathable, unrestrictive alternative that performs amazing in cold, wet and damp weather, short-sleeve jackets, such as the Peak Performance Golf Pines Short Sleeve Waterproof, are popular with golfers who play in warm climates that sometimes suffer the off flurry of rainfall on the greens. A short-sleeve jacket’s arms end at the elbow so your lower arms will be exposed to the outside world. This is to assure that no swing is restricted in wet weather. The unique design on short-sleeve jackets makes it less of a waterproof attire and more of a rainproof or showerproof one, so check this before purchasing.


A vest designed for the cold doesn’t sound as though it will do all that much for you, especially when the rain really starts coming down. They are, however, very useful in cold or windy conditions, though their popularity is yet to soar. Unfortunately as the name suggests, vests are not effective attire in wet weather but still offer excellent wind-resistant capabilities.

Looking After Your Waterproofs: Do’s and Don’ts

Upon finishing a game of golf and returning home your waterproofs should be immediately removed from wherever you have placed them and washed to assure faster drying and no lingering smell caused from the wet turf. You can tumble dry some waterproof clothing items and they will benefit from this as the heat makes the material tighter and more resistant to water, however always read the label first as not every brand is going to make the same exact design. Drying a waterproof that doesn’t need it can do a lot more harm than good so a quick check beforehand is strongly recommended.