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Golf trousers have been a staple of golf for a very long time and their popularity has never waned. The right pair of golf trousers like the Puma Pant Tech 5 Pocket Trouser and Nike Golf Plaid Pants can transform an attire or player from dull and uninspired into something vibrant and charismatic, as well as aiding in the way you play on the golf course by offering solid performance design with easy movement capabilities. Below is a buying guide on what to look out for the next time you need to buy a pair of trousers and is a good starting point for players yet to tackle golf fashion.

Materials And Their Benefits

Are you a flashy, fashion-clad Royal & Awesome kind of golfer who loves to look good on the greens as well as in the clubhouse, or are you more reserved about what you wear, always conscious of feeling good rather than looking it?

It all comes down to personal preference and finding that ‘just right’ pair of golf trousers can be a fun experience, though daunting if you aren’t prepared for the mountainous array of materials on offer to you, so we’ve bunched together all the various materials the big brands are using to give you extensive knowledge of what should be worn on the golf course and what should be left in the golfing wardrobe.

Cotton Trousers

Cotton’s breathable construction makes this an easy choice for golfers who find they break a lot of sweat on the golf course. There is a certain classic appeal to cotton that draws the eye of lots of golfers and when it’s blended with spandex in order to create stretch, the comfort and performance is sublime. Cotton can usually be washed conventionally and should be ironed when dry.

Polyester Trousers

Polyester, similar to cotton, utilises breathable fabrics frequently found in outdoor performance wear. Polyester offers some stretch capabilities and will shape the body for a closer performance experience in a host of weather conditions. Polyester is washable in the conventional way and in most cases is wrinkle and pill resistant.

Wool Trousers

Wool is classic outdoor wear for golfers. It’s lightweight, breathable and incredibly warm, able to compete in a variety of weather conditions with no let up. Wool should ideally be dry cleaned and not washed conventionally as this can take away the performance and feel once woven within.

Microfiber Trousers

Microfiber is a blend of synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon that bunch together to create fantastic comfort and performance. When draped over the body it is breathable even in humid conditions and aids comfort when lots of moving is necessary. Quick-drying, microfiber can be machine washed.

Linen Trousers

Linen is designed largely for the hotter months in a calendar year and is sometimes married up with cotton for extra performance. Linen is lightweight and breathable, though it has a tendency to wrinkle easily and is less durable than other materials. Linen will also require dry cleaning.

Getting The Right Fit For You

Once you’ve chosen the right materials, you need to think about sizing. Above all else, a golf trouser needs to be flexible. There’s no point in buying a size three times your waist as it will only fall down and put you off, whereas a size that’s too small is going to cinch tight and be extremely uncomfortable. This sounds like an obvious thing to say but many golfers will do this so a light reminder never hurts.

A full range of movement is necessary for good performances so wearing a pair of lightweight golf trousers is always the best way to go. Quality golf trousers will retain their shape over time and will not sag and wear like lesser known brands might so sometimes buying better is more beneficial.

Any Storage Options?

A few things to look out for here: firstly, make sure the golf trousers have pockets. This sounds obvious but occasionally the odd range does come out where no pockets are available, so if you want to warm hands or carry a golf ball along with you then we suggest checking for pockets first and foremost. Also see how many pockets there are and then compare. Does Trouser A have as many pockets as Trouser B? Does Trouser B have a rear pocket like Trouser A does and so on. Another important aspect for golfers is a golf belt loop, so check for this too if you think a belt might be present in future attires.

Picking The Best Performance Options

Performance options provide golfers with specific features that enhance the attire and make your game more comfortable and sustainable.

Stretch Fabrics

Stretchy fabrics built into golf trousers are usually made from a blend of materials that stretch to match their movements. Golf trousers should not, as a rule, interfere at all when swinging the golf club to and fro and needs to allow ease in bending at the waist or knees.

Performance Fabrics

A performance fabric utilises detailed technologies that drastically enhance playability on the golf course. A good pair of golf trousers come in fabrics that wick moisture from the skin and keeps you cool in warm weather. Other features of performance fabrics could include anti-microbial fabrics that offer UV protection to the wearer and shields skin from dangerous sunlight.

Waterproof Fabrics

Waterproof fabrics will assure skin does not become moist, wet nor cold while out on the golf course should it be raining when you choose to play. Made from Gore-Tex, waterproof fabrics are very useful and 100% protective providing you pay for the better brand name designs.

Deciding On Colours & Patterns

A lot of golfers are not apt to draw unwanted attention to themselves, while others may be more inclined to force themselves into the spotlight and be centre of everything. A good way to blend in or to be noticed is in the colours and patterns you choose for the golf course. Neutral colours such as black, navy or white are the norm and preferred; lighter colours such as grey, khaki and being are also widely worn and acceptable. Brighter, more outlandish colours such as fluorescent greens, yellows and other garish rainbow combinations are allowed to be worn though they are not as popular as other colours.

A popular pattern traditionally worn in Scotland is the plaid print, though non-Scottish players also wear it. If you’re looking for a more ‘out there’ design then check out golfers such as Ian Poulter or brands such as Royal And Awesome.

The Perfect Golf Trouser Choices For Men & Women

Men’s Golf Trousers

Important aspects for men’s trousers are that the design is comfortable and well structured. The right pair of golf trousers should fit the waist and end at the tops of the shoes. Buying longer golf trousers is a good idea as they can be taken up to your idea length.

Modern and sporty designs are great with a little performance technology thrown in for good measure and they help achieve success on the golf course. key features to remember are stretch and breathability; these will give you warmth, dryness and comfort every time.

Ideal Men’s Designs

Wearing neutral or solid colours like navy or black are conservative yet professional, and will look good in every situation. These colours are practical and ideal for business golf sessions and tournaments. Of course you might prefer something with a little more character in which case plaid is still a viable option and well regarded by other golfers.

Ladies Golf Trousers

Lady golfers have a wealth of clothing to choose from. Golf trousers should fit well at the waist, hips and thighs, and full-length trousers should come to the top of the shoes. A crop style trouser should come to mid-calf length. Additionally, flat-front trousers fit more smoothly across the hips, whereas pleated trousers are ideal for lady golfers with wider hips and a narrower waist.

Ideal Ladies Designs

Neutral colours again come into play here as they are most well-received on a golf course, though for ladies white and pink are also widely worn. Professional female golfers also enjoy wearing golf trousers with pinstripe designs so that they look smart and stylish without going overboard.

Additional Tips & Advice

There are three key areas to always look for when buying golf trousers, as well as all the other things already mentioned: quality, fit and price.

Material needs to be incredibly durable and weather-friendly, seams should not contain gaps or bulges and the hemline should be clean and not contain frayed edges. Of course you can always log onto our Onlinegolf website and check out some of our other customer reviews, see what they think of certain brands and build your own opinion over time once you have worn a few pairs and enjoyed the different styles on offer to you.