Il consiglio dei professionisti

A golf sweater is popular clothing for players who enjoy an added layer of comfort on the golf course. They are also ideal for the indecisive golfers who aren’t trusting of the effectiveness of a windshirt, yet who also find the idea of wearing a regular jacket unprofessional. Golf sweaters, for all intents and purposes, are the middle ground in outdoor clothing.

Golf Sweater Materials

Cotton Materials

Largely used for sports such as golf, cotton offers some excellent breathability paired with the affordability of a lesser material. It is ideal for most weather conditions in that it will keep you entirely warm in the cold but doesn’t overheat when the conditions are warm or overly humid. Cotton is very soft material that doesn’t rub when the golf club gets swung and it makes for easy, comfy attire for all situations, and this is evident in attires such as the Golfino Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Pullover.

Fleece Materials

An ideal wear for the golf course, fleece material lends protection from cold weather by sucking in warmth and pushing out the cold. Clothing made from fleece is often very stylish and easy to move about in, and it is commonly associated with pullovers or jackets. A fleece can go with practically anything in your golfing wardrobe and should be worn on those below-average cold days.


Exclusively used for home furnishings due to its fantastic durability and appeal, polyester ticks every box when it comes to ultimate comfort with no restrictions, as found in the ultimate comfort appeal of the TaylorMade by Ashworth Golf Piped Pullover. Any golfer can wear polyester and know that they will be fully protected from the elements (dependent on which attire and brand you choose) and it works best an insulating, cushioning material. Some golfers have described wearing polyester clothing on the greens to a shell of deep warmth, inpeneterable from wind.


Lambswool is ultra soft, slightly slippery and elasticised, and can be found in more high-society attires. If a golfer can afford a lambswool sweater then you can bet they’ll buy one, it’s just that comfortable. Lambswool is also warming, highlighting very snug feel in even terribly cold weather and icy conditions.