Il consiglio dei professionisti

Golf shorts have come along in leaps and bounds since they were introduced alongside the tried and trusted traditional golf trousers and are the ideal attire for warm weather. No longer a bane of golf courses around the country, golf shorts are readily accepted these days as ‘proper clothing’ and it’s always worth having the odd pair hanging in your wardrobe for those brighter days, albeit the rarity that they are.

Built-In Technologies

As a rule of thumb any golf clothing adorned with the words ‘Moisture Wicking’ are basically exactly what you need for the majority of weather conditions, and they work especially well when placed within clothing geared up for summer or holidaying. Moisture wicking is common these days; you shouldn’t be stuck searching shop upon shop trying to find it. Onlinegolf stock a huge range of clothing that offer moisture wicking capabilities at competitive prices so check us out for the best deals.

What Does Moisture Wicking Actually Achieve?

Plainly speaking moisture wicking offers athletes’ cool, unhindered performance that keeps you dry and comfortable in hot, cloying weather conditions. It also works well in cooler weather, too, as the more you play the more you are likely to perspire. Moisture wicking catches the sweat that you exude and promptly forces it up through the fabrics and onto the outside of the attire where it is quickly evaporated. This leaves you to perform to the same standard without worry of feeling uncomfortable or overheated.

Key Features & Designs

Golf shorts are trousers with the legs cut off, or at least that’s how they appear. They will undoubtedly keep you cool and will allow for some fetching attire, but it also has some very nice design implementations, too, depending on which brands you like best.

Plenty of storage options are always the first thing a player needs to look for. There’s no point in buying purely for the style as this can be deceiving. A strong material is always preferred and cotton should be avoided where necessary as this tends to overheat rather than cool. Storage pockets can hold golf balls, golf tees, scorecards, whilst they also help lend some class to your look. Belt loops are also important as this means you can accessories freely with belts. A lot of golfers are warming to the idea of wearing golf belts and, despite their high prices, are very much a popular addition to a look.

The Best (And Worst) Materials

Golf shorts need to be comfortable as much as anything else. If they do not meet your own standards then you need to be direct about it and get rid. A poorly designed attire can and will affect your game, and this is the same when it comes to which is the best materials.

Polyester or wool is preferred as they offer all the benefits you could need, such as comfort, coolness and unrestrictive fit. Denim is sometimes worn though rarely by any of the pros and is a poor choice. This is largely due to the fact that it offers very little in bending or crouching, resulting in discomfort all over the greens. Playing it safe you should firstly look at purchasing wool or polyester. The Nike Golf Men's Groove 2013 Shorts are a great example of how effective wearing polyester can be, and female golfers can get the same experience from polyester, with products like the Lija Golf Mira Brushed Ladies Skort.