Il consiglio dei professionisti

Probably one of the most overlooked accessories outside of the professional circuit, caps, hats and visors are pivotal for optimal performance in a marquee of weather conditions.

Serious golfers will always carry some form of headwear with them to the greens, be it for a sun-filled afternoon or a cold, dark afternoon, they are always handy. How many golfers do you see during major tournaments not wearing some kind of headwear? Sure it does happen, but it’s rare. So why do so many golfers wear headwear? We’ve created a buying guide to help you decide which form of attire for the head is most suited for you.

Golf Caps

Easily the most commonly-worn headwear among golfers amateur and professional alike, caps offer excellent protection from glaring sunlight and help reduce the sun from burning heads on especially hot days. Golf caps have long bills protruding out in front to deflect unwanted sunlight glinting off the face of the golf club and getting in your eye-line when lining up that crucial putting swing and some now even offer some variation of waterproof protection in rain. Golf caps are predominantly one size fits all and will slide over the head without hassle, leaving you only to ponder which top brand’s logo you want adorning your cap.

Golf Hats

Bucket Hats and Beanie Hats are the most used headwear away from caps and offer very similar benefits. bucket hats work in all weathers and keep golfers heads protected in rain while creating a cool layer over the head in sunshine. Bucket hats are often made from waterproof materials and the shade they offer from sun is second to none, making them the first choice in the hat category.

Beanie Hats, on the other hand, offer something similar yet different. Made from polyester or cotton, they protect the head from winds and general cold weather, also lending some arm comfort to the ears. Beanie hats are tight-fitting and snug, ideal for young golfers who want to look cool and older golfers who want to remain warm in sensitive areas. Beanies are also good for wearing away from the golf course due to their simple style and universal appeal.

Golf Visors

Some may call the golf visor ‘middle ground’ headwear because it offers a little of both worlds. Open-topped with large bill at front, the visor is the ideal protection from glaring sunlight. It will keep the eyes clear and crystal, despite the warmth, and some variations now offer moisture wicking capabilities, too.