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Woods’ Strange Furniture Habit

ESPN journalist Rick Reilly in a recent column has shone the spotlight on a rather strange habit of a certain feline-named world number one golfer. For all those who are a little slow on the up-take, it’s Tiger Woods!

It’s been reported by rumour-mongers that Mr. Woods, a well-renowned control freak, has taken his obsessive control to new, and previously unknown lengths.

Woods, when renting properties near the sites of golf tournaments in which he is participating, apparently asks for all key furniture to be removed from the properties to make way for his arrival so that he can bring duplicates of his own favourite home furniture with him.

Having duplicates made of all his furniture made, so he can form his little homes from homes, as well as being down-right weird, must presumably also set him back a few bob.

Tiger doesn't come across as an IKEA kind of man so probably replacing plush, top of the range stuff here, and not just re-creating, and buying duplicates of flat-pack wonders.