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Williams Hits Back At Critics

The backlash of the backlash to Super caddie Steve William’s role in Adam Scott’s Masters win has started with the multi Major winning bagman hitting back at criticism of his perceived role in the celebrations.

Williams, who had previously assisted Tiger Woods to 13 majors and three Masters wins, was credited with guiding Scott's winning putt on the second playoff hole this time. But with the New Zealander’s larger than life persona it didn’t take long for people accuse Williams of overshadowing Scott’s historic win.

A few online articles made tongue in cheek suggestions that it was William’s who deserved to be handed the Green Jacket by Bubba Watson and is only two behind Jack Nicklaus record of six Masters wins. Williams has hit back from accusations he stole the limelight from Scott, the first Australian to win at Augusta, saying "I was there as a caddie, I did my job, you know, how can you say I overshadowed it? People are always jealous of success".

Tallking of what the future holds for the Antipodean duo Williams revealed that Scott now owes him a visit to New Zealand.

"When I first started working for Adam, one of the first little things I told him was, if you win a Major championship, you have to come play in the NZ Open," said Williams. "And he agreed to it.

"There's no pressure for him to do that right at this minute, but that is something I did say to him when I first started."

"Yeah that's what I intend. Things can change but my next goal is to help Adam win a second major championship, many players win one but greatness is when you win two," Williams says.

The next chance for Williams to help Scott achieve that goal comes at the US Open in a couple of month's time.