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Vandals Cause Course A Hole World Of Trouble

With golf clubs nationwide all feeling the pinch, and in need of cutting costs just to stay alive, the very last thing they need is for a bunch of mindless vandals to come along and damage the course.

This sad fate has befallen Brighouse Golf Club, Yorkshire, after one of their greens was destroyed by trespassers who kindly decided to dig multiple holes in the putting surface.

Club manager Les Holmes is clearly fuming, and said: “We all, at Crow Nest, feel that we have the best greens in the area and there has been continued praise for a number of years so this is a sickening blow to members and visitors.

”It was downright malicious damage with no reason behind it apart from mindless vandalism. We don’t get much trouble here usually, thankfully.”

Police investigating the act of vandalism were sadly unable to provide Brighouse with any consolation either, as they have found no identifiable footprints with which to track down the yobs responsible.

Why on earth anyone would want to break onto a golf course and destroy a green is beyond most people, but clearly there are such lowlifes in our midst.

With a few incidents of this nature having already happened across Britain this year, it's clear that there is a real problem afoot for our golf courses, and the next step is to find out a way of dealing with the issue.