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US Holiday Sparks Crazy Golf Course Idea

A crazy golf course could be coming to the Norwich area after a planning application was made for a jungle-themed adventure golf course to be built close to the Norfolk Showground.

David Moore, who hails from Taverham, has applied to the South Norfolk Council to build Congo Rapids Adventure Golf alongside the Norwich Family Golf Centre near the showground entrance at Easton.

The 18-hole course would share a similar style to courses in the USA, and feature a range of large water features, including rafts to travel across water to reach different holes.

Mr Moore told the Eastern Daily Press: “There’s not many things to do in and around Norwich if you want a couple of hours of entertainment at a reasonable price.

“Our children have always enjoyed adventure golf, but you don’t always want to drive to the coast.

“We were so impressed with the quality of the courses while on a family holiday to Orlando (Florida) that we thought we’d design a course of the same quality back home.”

He added: “I’ve been working with a Swedish company responsible for the construction of over 200 adventure golf courses throughout Europe in order to get the design just right.”

Mr Moore’s intention would be to sub-let the land for the golf course from Norwich Family Golf Centre owner Robert Barnard, who hopes that his sports bar and café facilities on the site would combine well with the new course.

“We’re really pleased that David is locating his course alongside our facilities. It’s a great way of introducing children to golf,” Mr Barnard said.

“If the planning process goes smoothly the course should be open in the coming winter.”

Elsewhere, permission has already been granted for an 18-hole crazy golf course to be erected in central Norwich, at Eaton Park. Rob Trown from Attleborough says he is hoping to see the course open to customers by Easter next year.