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Tiger Woods’ Career Earnings Reportedly Hit $1.3 Billion

Tiger Woods has earned plenty of accolades over the years, and in 2009 he earned another; becoming the world’s first billion-dollar athlete.

And despite a rather dreadful run of results on the golf course, not to mention the very public and personal issues he was forced to deal with away from it, his bank balance has remained in healthy condition.

Stated in February’s issue of Golf Digest, in which it is revealed that Woods has topped $1.3 billion in total earnings, we’re left to ponder if one man can actually find enough cool things to spend it all on!

The figure does, however, takes into account money earned both from prize money and endorsements – with the latter achieving 88 percent of Tiger’s personal wealth.

In 2013 he raked in $71 million away from the greens, while on it he received $12 million. His endorsements alone made Phil Mickelson’s contributions, which earned him a healthy $52 million, look somewhat damp in comparison.

Woods is 38 and shows no signs that he could be ready to pack up his Nike bag and go home. So, the question remains: how much more cash can Tiger earn, and where o’ where will he decide to spend it!