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Tiger Storm Following Nike Photo Release

Tiger Woods has found himself at the centre of yet another media storm after appearing in a controversial Nike social media advert.

Having won back-to-back PGA Tour events you'd be forgiven for thinking that any buzz around Tiger would at the moment would be positive but this new ad has got a few people’s backs up.

The anger being vented towards this image isn't so much Tiger-focused, but has instead landed his sponsors Nike in hot water.

The statement branded across the image, "winning takes care of everything", is a phrase Tiger has used countless times when talking to the media, but in the light of the dramatic falls from grace of some of Nike's biggest icons in recent months, the messaging on the image seems ill timed.

Recently Nike ambassadors Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius have seen their world's fall apart in cataclysmic fashion. Surely Nike didn't fail to notice that this image release would attract a whole heap of scrutiny?

However the advert certainly has people talking, probing and raking over the rubble of the story so perhaps it was a smart move on their part.

Slick marketing or shocking oversight? The jury is still out.