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Tiger Receives “Cheating” Apology

Tiger Woods has received a public apology from the highly-respected American commentator who accused him of “cheating” on a magazine’s website last week.

Brandel Chamblee showed remorse for his comments on social media site Twitter, although it remains to be seen if this will be enough to deter Tiger’s camp from taking legal action against the former PGA Tour winner.

Regardless of the outcome, Tiger is likely to be pleased with this climb-down, as his reputation had taken a knock from such scathing criticisms.

Chamblee wrote on his Twitter account: "Golf is a gentleman's game and I'm not proud of this debate. I want to apologise to Tiger for this incited discourse."

He then added: "My intention was to note Tiger's rules infractions this year, but comparing that to cheating in grade school went too far."

Chamblee also maintained that he did not call Woods a cheat directly, although Mark Steinberg (Woods’ manager) called his comments “deplorable” and “disgusted.” He then told another sports company that they "would have to give some thought to legal action."

All this stems from a column which Chamblee wrote for in which the respected analyst awarded Woods an “F” for his season despite the world number one picking up five wins. Chamblee said Woods “was a little cavalier with the rules,” and cited four rules incidents where Woods was involved during the 2013 campaign. Chamblee then struck his point home by comparing the incidents to an exam he cheated on many years ago.

Let’s all hope this whole thing is cleared up sooner rather than later and both Woods and Chamblee can get back what they do best; one playing incredible, mouth-watering golf, and the other calling the action with unmatchable passion and commitment.