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Tiger's Support Club Rally After Two Shot Penalty

In the wake of yet another brush with the rules for Tiger Woods, fellow tour veterans Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker have come to his defence.

During Woods' third round at the BMW Championship his ball was deemed to have moved behind the first green, and marking his score down on the card as he believed was correct at the time, landed him with a two-shot penalty.

Never far from controversy, Tiger has found himself under immense public pressure yet again, but a couple of his pals have moved to soften the blow.

Friday's 59-shooting star, and tournament leader, Furyk, said: "The scrutiny, that he's on television, and every step, every little thing he does is not only watched but then everyone has to weigh in on whether it was good or not. I thank the Lord that I don't have to live with that on a daily basis."

Stricker, also in contention, added: "A player can see it as one thing, and the camera is obviously going to pick it up differently... It's unfortunate that he's been at the centre of this about three times this year."

Even if he got on the wrong side of the rules once again, it certainly seems Tiger has friends aplenty sticking up for him.