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The Greatest Father/Son Golfers in History (As chosen by us)

We thought we’d get you in the mood for Father’s Day by showcasing some of the best father/son golfers to grace the greens over the years. And as always, feel free to let us know who your favourite father/son pairs are via our Onlinegolf Facebook page.

Joe Kirkwood, Sr. and Joe Kirkwood, Jr.

Joe Kirkwood, Sr. and his son Joe Kirkwood, Jr. were the first father and son pair ever to make the cut in a Major, which came in the 1948 US Open. And although there have been three more duos to achieve this feat since, none are more recognised than the Kirkwood’s.

Kirkwood Sr. enjoyed more success than his son and is said by many to have been the man who put Australia on the map worldwide. He won 13 PGA Tour events, with his son adding another trophy to the family mantel in singles competition in 1951 after beating Sam Snead for the Blue Ribbon Open.

Julius and Guy Boros

Julius and Guy Boros can revel in the fact that both their names appear on the list of fathers and sons who won on the PGA Tour. Other than them, only six other pairs can boast this achievement.

Once again it’s the father veteran Julius who has tasted far greater success than his son Guy, winning a massive 24 professional titles, three of which were Major Championships. He won the US Open in 1952 and 1963 respectively before clinching the PGA Championship in 1968 to give himself half of a career Grand Slam.

His son Guy has six professional wins under his belt, far less than his well-schooled father, but to his credit one of those victories came on the PGA Tour. In 1995 Guy enjoyed his best finish in a Major Championship at the US Open when he finished tied for 36.

In 1982 Julius was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame and named PGA Tour Player of the Year in 1952 and 1963 respectively.

Craig and Kevin Stadler

With a combined 38 professional wins between them, Craig and Kevin Stadler are serious business when it comes to powerhouse father/son golfers.

Craig Stadler had his best moment in the 1982 Masters when he bested fellow American Dan Pohl in a play-off to claim his first Masters Championship. Son Kevin is still seeking that elusive PGA Tour victory but does hold the distinction of winning on the European, Asian, Nationwide and Challenge Tours, so his trophy cabinet is far from cobweb-riddled.

The closest Kevin has come to matching his father’s success in a Major was the 2007 Open Championship where his fine skills earned him a tied finish for 51st. Though nowhere near the level of his father, Kevin can still enjoy the fact he placed in the event and that he played with as much heart as his father.

The Parks Family

The Parks (Willie Park, Sr., Mungo Park and Willie Park, Jr.) are one of the first families of golf, with Willie Park Sr. considered an early pioneer of the game we all love today.

As a whole they have won seven Open Championships – four for Park Sr., two for Park Jr. and one for Mungo. Willie Sr. and Mungo only competed in the Open Championship during their time as professional golfers, racking up a combined 31 appearances at the event.

Willie Jr. wasn’t just a great golfer, though; he also left his mark on the game by being a renowned golf course architect as well. Today he has 170 golf courses from Europe to the USA and Canada to his illustrious name. His father Willie Sr. is the lone Hall of Fame inductee of the trio, where he was allocated the honour in 2000.

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