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TaylorMade Golf SLDR Driver is named “Perfect Driver” in 2014 Hotlist

TaylorMade are celebrating a magnificent victory after their superb SLDR Driver was branded “Perfect” in every category in the 2014 Golf Digest Hotlist.

A wonderful achievement for TaylorMade is all the sweeter due to the fact the company are also the FIRST EVER to achieve a perfect 20-star score. The SLDR Driver picked up 5-star ratings in every category to excel it into the history books.

Marks are awarded in five different areas: performance, innovation, look/sound/feel and demand. The SLDR was top of the class in every single one.

The TaylorMade SLDR Driver features the incredible SLDR weighting system that is highly effective and easy to use. With 21 different positions, the SLDR weight shifts the centre of gravity and can be moved horizontally towards either the heel, to promote a draw, or the toe, to promote a fade. For ease of use, the sole is marked with “draw” and “fade” to help you get the shot shape you desire. The SLDR weighting system allows you to promote a side-to-side trajectory change of up to 30 yards.

TaylorMade’s brilliant SLDR Driver is available right now from OnlineGolf.