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Ryder Cup Coming To Sterling

Next year’s Ryder Cup is one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events to be held in Scotland, and golf fans in Stirling will be able to get an early view of the trophy more than six months before its centre stage at Gleneagles.

The Ryder Cup will be on display at the Stirling Smith Museum and Art Gallery from January 17 until March 24 next year. Fans will be given the opportunity to capture a glimpse of the famous trophy, which will be exhibited for a 10 week period.

Dr Elspeth King, director at the Stirling Smith Museum, said: “We’re very excited about it. We have had golfing exhibitions before so it is not a completely new thing to us. I think it will bring in a different crowd. I don’t see a lot of the golf club members from the club across from us (Stirling Golf Club), so I’m sure we will see some of them in for the Ryder Cup.”

He added: “We will be mailing all of the golf clubs in the area so that they know the trophy is here. We also hope it will bring in more tourists.

“We are the first museum in the area to get the Ryder Cup, so we feel very fortunate. We are hoping for a very good year next year.”

The Ryder Cup trophy is made from solid gold, stands at 17 inches high and is nine inches from handle to handle. It weighs four pounds.

The golfing figure who is depicted on the top of the trophy reflects the image of Abe Mitchell, a former gardener and friend of the tournament’s first backer, Samuel Ryder. Abe was also Samuel Ryder’s instructor.

The Ryder Cup starts on September 26, 2014, with the organisers of the event already having recruited 1800 volunteers to be safety marshals, buggy drivers and sales assistants.