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Rose In Driving Shocker!

All the punters out there who've backed Justin Rose to back up his Merion magic this week at Oak Hill best look away now, as his terrible driving has been causing some major concerns this week.

The good news for Rose fans worldwide though, is that we're talking in terms of his ability to handle his motor, rather than the big stick, as he was snapped by fellow pro Brandt Snedeker after being involved in a minor car crash.

Snedeker tweeted the following, accompanied by some damning photographic evidence that depicted Rose as every inch an apologetic, young school-boy: "@JustinRose 99 Which way were you going?? Either way it was not one of your better driving performances..."

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the small prang, but we've heard rumours that Rose's pride is bruised, and that his cheeks are living up to his own name, and are still giving off an embarrassed glow.

So long as Justin doesn't have a buggy at his disposal this week at Oak Hill, I think we can all rest easy.