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Rose & Mickelson Share Joke after US Open Win

Phil Mickelson described his loss to Justin Rose at this year’s US Open as “heartbreaking” but that didn’t stop the American from still finding himself able to laugh at his failures at the event.

Mickelson recorded his sixth runner-up finish in the US Open at Merion; the only major he has still not captured.

Rose and Mickelson appear to be good pals on the golf course, however, and Rose was quick to poke fun at Mickelson’s misery when the pair was placed together recently.

Mickelson asked the starter at The Sheshan International to introduce him as The Open Champion – prompting Rose to jump in and request to be introduced as the US Open Champion.

"’I've always got along with Phil, and I had a little fun with him recently in Shanghai," Rose smiled... "So I asked if [the starter] wouldn’t mind announcing me as the U.S. Open champ.

"I looked over at Phil and gave him a wink, and he was laughing. He enjoys the banter, and he’s certainly an inspiration."

Rose added: "He was 33 when he won his first major and now he’s gone on to win five, as well as a virtual career grand slam if you count all those near-misses in the U.S. Open as one win. It shows to me that even if you have to wait until your early 30s to win your first, you can still go on and have a great career."

Rose, looking to push on in 2014, continued: "This isn’t the time to reminisce and wallow. This is the time to crack on and win more. When you’re an old man you can sit on the verandah and reflect you were able to do it, but now is not the time. I need to look forward.

"I’m glad I didn’t spend ages in that bracket of players who are considered the best not to have won a major; it’s just one more thing you have to deal with."