Il consiglio dei professionisti

Ready, Steady, Golf!

Colin Montgomerie wants to see all professional golfers put on the clock from the moment they tee off in order to eliminate slow play from the game.

"There are 52 referees out there at major championships and they should able to put them on the clock on the first tee to ensure they all get around in time," said the 31-time European Tour winner.

Colin Montgomerie believes this would curtail the “biggest bugbear” in golf and make it more accessible to a wider audience, as he believes that no round of golf should ever take longer than four hours and that the current system is only a treatment for the disease and not actually preventative.

"What I would love to see, as a fast player knowing it would never happen to me, would be for one of the top players to have that shot penalty. Then it would really resonate throughout the rest of the field. If only one of them was finally found out because they are still taking too long."