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R&A Opens Up To The Future

This Royal & Ancient Club have announced their desire for the to keep pace with the times through the modernisation of the course facilities and tournament policies for this year’s Open Championship.

This July for the first time spectators will see LED scoreboards on four holes on the back nine. While the use of mobile phones will be carefully controlled the devices are by no means out of bounds at this year's Open. The R&A will make enhanced wifi available in grandstands to allow fans to follow the tournament on smartphones.

"Our championship committee is very engaged in trying to enhance the spectator experience," said R&A chief executive Peter Dawson.

"We hear many people say golf is easier to watch on television, but you don't get the atmosphere quite as much as if you are present. When you come to the event, in general, you can only watch what is in front of you.

"We are trying to give fans access to what's going on all around the golf course. If we can get to that then I think golf spectating will take a huge leap forward."

Gone it seems are the days where even a cheeky glance at your mobile was met with tuts and frowns from R&A groupies and gone too are many of the detractors of modernising the game, and that can only be a good thing.