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Poulter 1 - 0 Baba Booey

Ian Poulter has always been something of a pantomime villain within the golfing world, but after recently ripping into American golf fans' behaviour he is set to face more heckling than ever.

Following the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, Poulter launched into a no holds barred stream of abuse for the fans that he deemed as ruining the game.

Messages sent from his Twitter account included the following: "We should be allowed to take 10,000 volt tasers onto the course and taser every muppet who shouts out something stupid. I would laugh then!"

Unsurprisingly Poulter has had to deal with something of a backlash to these angry Twitter postings, and many thought that he'd get both barrels while out on course at The Barclays this week in New York.

Poulter reported after the opening day's play though that he hadn't received a huge volume of stick.

He tweeted: "The good news of today was only 1 donut shouted out Baba Booey and he was swiftly removed from the premises."

The PGA Tour confirmed that a man was removed from the event for shouting during Poulter's back-swing, but it is unclear yet whether this action will spark more copycat shouts, or whether it will put off others with the compulsion to shoot nonsensical phrases.

For now though it's Poulter one, Baba Booey nil.