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Perry In Pieces Over Snapped Driver

Kenny Perry might well be the hottest senior player on the planet right now following his victories at the Senior U.S Open, and the Constellation Senior Players Championship, but he has been left fuming after his driver was snapped while in transit.

The driver, used en route to both of these big wins for the 53-year-old, was snapped during his flight from New York to Boston for this week's event, and he is clearly not best pleased.

Perry said: "I pulled my clubs out and Delta broke my driver, the one I won all of my tournaments with this year, it broke the head right off the shaft. I'm very upset at this point."

As if Perry wasn't in enough of a flap over the plain fact that his driver had been written-off, to rub salt into the wound, he is endorsed and sponsored by Southwest Airlines, but chose to fly Delta instead on this occasion.

Perry added: "Shafts don't replicate. As much as they say they're the same, they're not the same. So now I have to go get my confidence back off the tee because that's been my bread and butter this year."

There's no suggestion of foul-play here, but perhaps Perry should consider sticking to those who have invested in him in the future, rather than playing away from home, so to speak.