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New Kid On The Block?

Videos of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as kids hitting golf balls better than the professional player’s they hoped to one day emulate have been watched by a great many of us golf enthusiasts. But is there a new kid on the block?

A video has emerged of three-year-old Michael Patton of Dublin, Ireland hitting golf ball after golf ball into what appears to be a clothes hamper. This can easily be written off as a fun little clip, but actually it shows that this adorable child has some incredible golf ability.

If you happen to see the video than you’ll know why we’re impressed. Sure there are a couple of wayward shots that didn’t go directly into the hole, but Patton just keeps hitting shots in an almost perfect display, which looks effortless and easy.

His father Rob said: "Michael started chipping plastic balls into the hole in the roof of his playhouse. He kept getting them in so we got the camera out and started filming."

With winter fast approaching and the weather outside sure to turn most places into a cold, frozen wasteland before too long, at least we can copy little Michael Patton and practice our own short game when the snow starts to fall on our local country club.