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McIlroy Wins ‘Worst Ad Appearance’ Award

Every athlete wants to win awards for their efforts, but none of these three will be placing their ‘award’ on the mantel anytime soon.

Golfer Rory McIlroy, Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill and F1 Driver Jenson Button have been awarded advertisings coveted TV Turkey of the Year, which is lovingly handed down to those adverts that are particularly grinding to watch.

The trio of sports personalities saw their acting, which has been branded by many as wooden and awkward, claim the prize after they appeared in a series of adverts for a major bank, which can now add Worst TV commercial of 2013 to its accolades.

Slated by critics, the advert for those who have been spared the torture of actually having to watch it, shows Rory, Jessica and Jenson surprising “ordinary” people in their homes to tell them about the bank’s latest account.

According to the journal Campaign, which makes the award, the bank should shoulder the blame for not using the big name stars properly in the first place.

Or maybe in the future sports stars should play sports and actors should act. Just an idea.