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The World’s Largest Golf Tee

US company Bolin Enterprises has built a 30ft tee golf tee setting the new world record, according to the World Record Academy.

Bolin Enterprises operations manager Michael "Bo" Bohannon and the company's vice president Jim Bolin concocted the plan that beat the previous Guinness World Record tee by a mere three feet.

The colossal tee took six months to build, with various lengths of yellow pine boards, hours of chainsaw carving, 60 gallons of glue and 120 pounds of screws used in the construction Jim Bolin- Vice President Bolin Enterprises: "It was fun! It's fun to see the community, because a lot of the community knew about it, and they would stop by and look at it. Just having the community up beat about something, about their home town, it's really thrilling."

Weather permitting Bolin hopes to erect the tee this February at the Casey Country Club.

Clubs have a long way to catch giant tee manufacture with current record holder Michael Furrh using ‘only’ a 14-foot-2.5 inch driver to hit the golf ball 146 yards in the air at The Golf Club at Castle Hills in Lewisville in late 2012.

The ultimate lift tee, as in you’d need a lift to put a ball on top of it, weighs in at over 2,750 kilos and even though you can’t see it from space has certainly put Casey Country Club on the map.