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Kuchar's Mixed Messages

Speaking this week ahead of the Presidents Cup which begins at the start of October, Matt Kuchar has sent out mixed messages regarding the International opposition.

America has well and truly run the rule over the event with the Internationals only ever having enjoyed periods of fleeting success, and Kuchar wasn't afraid to address the matter.

When asked about their dominance, Kuchar said: “I know that history favours the U.S. team, but maybe there's that great underdog role as well that the Internationals play, that people may like to see the underdog do well and continue to pull. It might be like the Chicago Cubs. Wouldn't it be great for them to win? Would things change if they won a World Series? They still have huge support.”

Kuchar's comments could be interpreted one of two ways. One, they could be seen as confrontational and as a stoking of the competitive fires, as the Chicago Cubs are very much associated with a 'lovable losers' tag to those in the know about baseball.

Alternatively, they could just be interpreted as supportive remarks, and as a suggestion that it isn't over bar the shouting before the event has even begun.

However they were intended is hard to tell given Kuchar's permanently fixed 'assassin's grin', but what is for sure is that there's certainly inspiration to be found in them for the opposition.

If Adam Scott, Ernie Els and co can't find motivation in being described as massive underdogs by an opposition player then 'USA' might as well be etched onto the famous trophy already.

Let the battle commence.