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John Daly Wins Car! Wait...No He Doesn’t!

John Daly could probably smell that new interior as he made a sublime hole-in-one during a pro-am with the prize of a brand new car on the line. However, despite his achievement, the wheels remained planted on the tarmac and Daly went home empty-handed.

So what happened?

On Monday at the Humana Challenge Pro-Am, when Daly knocked in a tee shot on a hole that was advertising a free Hyundai, he assumed he’d won the gorgeous car but was not awarded it because it was actually his SECOND swing on the hole!

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Daly was on the par-3 7th on the Nicklaus Private Course at PGA West when he made a swing with his golf club and then turned to the Callaway Golf representative to let him know how solid the shot had felt.

"I didn't even look at the shot," Daly said after the round. "I leaned over to get my tee and was telling the Callaway representative that it felt pretty good. He said, ‘Good, because it just went in the hole.’ "

It was Daly’s first ever swing with the new 9-iron, and while the golf ball did go in the cup for the ace, it was the mulligan that dashed Daly’s hopes of driving off the course in a new car.

PGA Tour Media said on their Twitter page: @PGA_JohnDaly ace in pro-am @HumanaChallenge today was actually a second practice shot with different club which does not qualify for car.

Daly might be miffed that he failed to win the car, but the 47-year-old is looking good in 2014, and the two-time major champion could have a great year ahead if he keeps up this kind of positive golf performance.