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He’s Their ‘Fox In The Hole’

It’s a term more associated with the sport of football, but golfers on a course in Verbier, Switzerland, are being harassed by their very own fox in the box...or should that be fox in the hole?

The furry little chap has been driving golfers mad with his unusual interruptions during games by running onto the greens from his hiding place in the surrounding forest area and stealing their golf balls.

The fox has apparently chased and gathered over 100 golf balls from the course, often while the balls are still in play, and this has made more than a few players bark at the sky.

The clever Mr Fox in question seems smitten with the golf balls, picking them up in its mouth and hurrying away to a more quiet section of green to play with them. Some golfers have laughed off the adorable intruder, who is yet to be deterred from these naughty nuisances, and for the time being at least players who visit this course will need to be on the lookout for a red blur zooming across the fairways in search of its next golf ball.