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Golfing Landmark at Rock Bottom price!

Ailsa Craig, the rock just off the coast at Turnberry, is up for sale.

The uninhabited island covering 220 acres boasts ''no inhabitants, no electricity, no fresh water and no arable land,” but if you’re a superfan of Curling then you’re in luck because it is the source of the distinctive strain of microgranite used to make the stones used in the sport.

So, for a mere £1.5m (dropped from an ambitious £2.5m) you can ensure that you never have to buy a drink in curling clubs anywhere.

You’ll also bag yourself a cracking seat for when the Open next comes to Turnberry (with the addition of a spanking pair of binoculars.) or you can choose to rent out the island for a handsome £26,000 a year.

Given all that, we’re amazed that they haven’t managed to shift it yet. Perhaps if they made a TV advert and got Peter Alliss to do the voiceover it would be gone in seconds.