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Golfing Generals Face Probe In South Korea

South Korea are investigating reports military officials played golf instead of tending to rising tensions with North Korea after their neighbours from the north declared the Korean Armistice Agreement invalid.

Newspapers reported senior army officers, including ranking generals, played a military golf course in Seoul at the weekend despite the prospect of military provocation from Kim Jong-Un’s army.

"The office of the senior civil affairs secretary has immediately launched an inquiry to determine what has exactly happened regarding the reports about military golf," South Korean presidential spokesman Yoon Chang-Jung told reporters.

The defence ministry confirmed some generals had played golf at the weekend, but stressed they did not include commanders in sensitive positions.

Golf is enormously popular in South Korea both as a sport and a networking opportunity.

In 2006 then Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan stepped down after a golf outing with businessmen sparked a criminal investigation into alleged influence-peddling.

In 2007, the air force chief resigned after playing golf while the country was mourning the death of a Korean soldier in Afghanistan, and in 2009 the defence ministry sacked the military's chief medical officer and court-martialled 50 military doctors for playing while on duty.