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Gallacher’s Scare Prompts Campaign For Change

A brush with death has prompted former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher to campaign for greater medical assistance at British golf courses.

The 64-year-old Scot suffered a heart attack while attending a corporate engagement in Aberdeen and has praised the quick thinking of staff at the golf course for helping save his life. He spent 15 days in hospital and is now recovering well.

"Bernard went into cardiac arrest on three occasions,” read a statement from his management. “Thanks to the composed and quick thinking of staff and guests at the engagement, as well as quick access to a defibrillator, Bernard is on his way to a full recovery with no long term effects expected.

"The availability of a defibrillator was central in giving Bernard a chance of survival and, along with his wife Lesley and the support of the PGA and European Tour, he will be championing a campaign to make defibrillators widely accessible at golf courses around the UK."