Il consiglio dei professionisti

Danger, Lawries Ahead!

Paul Lawrie’s son has turned professional and makes his debut in the paid ranks in the North-East Alliance at Ellon.

He was considering a golf management course at the University of Highlands and Islands in Dornoch, but having secured support from three backers, including two that have had a long association with Lawrie Snr, Craig is off chasing his dream as a pro. And who can blame the lad.

Father Paul describes him as “far better” than him at the same age, (though to not say that would seem harsh parenting...)

“I turned pro a year earlier than Craig is doing. I was playing off five handicap and was’t very good, to be honest," said the two-time Ryder Cup player.

“For Craig to follow up what I do is hugely exciting for us. He showed interest very early on that he wanted to play golf for a living and that’s always been the plan. College for four years or turn pro right away – I know what I’d be doing.

“The plan is for him to play full-time next year. He will mainly play Pro Golf Tour and EuroPro Tour events as well as Tartan Tour events in the summer. His first professional event will be at Ellon Golf Club in the Alliance, where I cut my teeth as a pro.”

Craig, the Deeside junior and men’s stroke-play champion this year, and got down to a plus-one handicap, but says he is now keen to "kick on."

“There’s time afterwards to do my PGA training if it doesn’t’t work out. But I want to play golf for a living and I couldn’t’t have anyone any better than dad to guide me. He’s seen it all, from working in the pro shop to winning The Open and playing in the Ryder Cup.”

Paul will also be trying to make next year's Ryder Cup team having recently returned to some of his best form. Something he attributed to his sons.

"Seeing both Craig and Michael start to get better in recent years is one of the reasons for my resurgence. I remember when I got home after Craig beat me for the first time. I poured myself a huge glass of wine and Marian thought somebody had tried to shoot me. It felt worse than that!

“It made me practice and work more. I love playing with the boys. It’s great fun. We always play competitively. There’s no bounce games so they definitely kicked me on.”

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