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Daly Tees Off...On Man’s Mouth!

An injury-plagued season has meant fans of John Daly have seen little of the two-time major winner this year, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped him having a little fun with his golf clubs...

Daly, who turns 48 in April, was in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend, and apparently decided to have some fun with a perfect stranger outside of a pizza joint. That fun, it turned out, was Daly hitting a full drive out of the mouth of the “lucky” fan.

The 1995 Open Champion pulled the shot off impeccably and the fan came away unscathed. The golf ball, however, could have gone anywhere, and we’re hoping there weren’t that many expensive cars parked along the roadsides that evening.

This is not the first time John Daly has tried the old golf ball off the face stunt, either. When appearing on David Feherty’s show on The Golf Channel, the eccentric host allowed Daly to hit the golf ball out of his own mouth. Luckily on that occasion also things turned out swimmingly.