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Cart Of The Future? Not Likely…

At the British Open this week Mercedes Benz showcased a prototype, fantasy, all-electric ‘Vision Golf Cart’, and boy was it brilliant!

The cart, which resembles a genetically modified beetle (the insect, not the car type…), features any number of gadgets, and here is our pick of the most intriguing:

  • LED headlights – As golf is renowned for being played in the dark…
  • A ‘Fore’ button – Perhaps our favourite feature, though this would no doubt result in Jackass-esque ‘golf airhorn’ scenes all over the golfing globe.
  • Speakers – So you can bang out the latest Kylie or ‘Madge’. A Mercedes diamond grill – Because you got styles. Or you’re a gangster.
  • And…A solar roof panel – This won’t come in handy that much in Britain really, unless all of a sudden the weather we’ve enjoyed the past couple of weeks sets in for eternity…

    We would share with you all the ins and outs of this visionary design work, but frankly this swanky motor will unfortunately not be going into production, or certainly, Mercedes have no actual plans to build it, so what’s the point?

    If we get a little campaign going though, then maybe we could talk them round? Come on Mercedes, pull your finger out and bring these to life for the masses!