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Breaking Badly

It’s been a weird time for drugs in golf. Vijay Singh awaits his fate for using deer antler spray that contains a banned substance, several top players have expressed they don’t see how performance enhancing drugs can help a golfer but perhaps most strange of all is the discovery of a meth lab on an Oklahoma golf course.

In what sound like a plot line from hit US show Breaking Bad, police found a pop-up meth lab inside a portaloo in the middle of a golf course in Purcell, Oklahoma. Staffers noticed a trio of strange sports drink bottles with chemicals inside the portaloo and called police.

When officers arrived they soon realised someone had been inside making meth using the ‘shake and bake’ method, a process of making methamphetaminein small batches without a heat source. Of the three bottles found two exploded before detectives arrived.

Fortunately agents were able to neutralize the third one without the harmful chemicals erupting and nobody was hurt. But police warned the portable lab may have posed a hazard to golfers. “If someone would have been in the porta-pot when it happened they might have gotten hurt by the flying plastic and the chemicals,” Purcell Dt. Cpl. Scott Stephens said.