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Beloved Pet In Golf Course Eviction Battle

Animals make some rare and funny appearances on golf courses, but the story of a Saint Bernard named Theodore is no laughing matter as he’s embroiled in an emotional court battle about his right to live on a South African golf estate.

His owner, Pathmasolahani Abraham, has taken the Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate Management Association to court to compel it to allow their beloved pet to remain at their luxury home on the estate.

The association had ruled that Theodore be removed because he weighs more than 20kg. The estate prohibits “large” dogs and those deemed to be an “aggressive breed”.

Abraham said she considered herself the victim of unconstitutional and unlawful discrimination.

“The management association is utilising its powers to grant applications selectively, and is favouring certain residents over others. It is unfortunate that I am required to point out to this court that it would appear that residents who are permitted to retain dogs of a weight greater than 20kg are white, whereas my family is Indian,” said the applicant.

The management association has denied the allegations. Basil Kenneth Schreiber, the estate manager, said the estate became a nature conservancy in March 2002 and was registered with the KwaZulu-Natal nature conservation services.

“If they were to be permitted to keep him, we would be faced with a flood of applications for dogs weighing more than 20kg,” he said.

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