Il consiglio dei professionisti

The Tree of Strife

This is for those of us who just can’t say no. We are glory hunters. Thrill seekers. We break the speed limits, we smash records, we steal the stationary. We also find ourselves behind trees with only the briefest glimpse of green to tempt us. But, like a petticoat to a priest, we just can’t resist and so here’s our swing dealer, Jeff Ritter, to show us the way to glory.

The Brief:

Turn trouble into birdie by flying over the trees and onto the green.

The Weapons:

Gusto, Bravado, whatever you have the balls to pull off. Good idea though is to take one club's worth of loft more than your ego suggests!

The Execution:

Our inspiration for this shot comes from the great ball-strikers of the 70s and 80s. Players like Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller. We’re going to use the strong points from their swings to our advantage with this shot. We’re going to take a big wind-up and fling ourselves through the ball finishing in a big reverse-C position as the ball zooms up into the air and soars to the green.

You’ve got to set up for this shot like you mean it. The ball is forward in your stance just inside your left heel. Your weight distribution is about 60/40 favouring your right-hand side. You can have your first finger off the club when you grip it to really ‘throw’ that club head through the ball. Try it.

I want you to focus on making a big shoulder turn. That's right, John Daly style! Really get that shoulder bone tucked underneath your chin and feel as if every muscle in your body is burning to fire back in the other direction and leather that ball.

Through impact, feel as if the club head is being "thrown" past the handle. This will create maximum loft through the hit!

Show us Jack's finish and your ball will rocket to the heavens!


A few fat shots and a visit to your Chiropractor. Don’t worry, it takes your body a little bit of time to adjust to what you’re doing. People like Nicklaus, Watson and Miller had awesome timing and co-ordination to play the way they did.

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