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The Screaming Slice

Not going to lie to you. You probably deserve to be miles offline after your previous effort. It had all the co-ordination of a Hippo opening Creme eggs. But it can be salvaged and all is not lost. You may have more obstacles in front of you than an Olympic hurdler but there is a way out. It’s bold, it’s audacious and it comes with its own sound effect. It’s the screaming slice. Take it away, Jeff.

The Brief:

You have to circumnavigate the obstacles in front of you by starting miles left of your target and slicing the ball back into play for your next shot.

The Weapons:

A mid-iron is probably best for a shot of this difficulty. You’ll need to open the face of whatever iron you choose as well.

The Execution:

Let’s start by planting an image in your head. Remember Jim Thorpe? Great 70’s player, constantly chomping on a cigar? Always finished the swing with his elbows twisted out in front of his head. That’s what we’re aiming for. A Thorpe finish.

Set the face a bit open and squeeze a little tighter with the last three fingers of the left hand. A little more pressure will help ensure the face doesn't close through the hit.

Steepen your angle of attack by creating a strike more down and to the left. Getting your body to unwind a bit faster will help with this effort.

Holding the face open with force the left arm up with the left elbow high, just like Thorpe. Add some speed and you will be able to bend the ball 20 + yards around any obstacle!


A great big slice.

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