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Battle of the Planets

Launch your ball into orbit ready for the golfing summer with Mr Ritter’s latest words of golfing wisdom...

Perhaps the biggest key to success in your ball-striking is finding a consistent bottom to your golf swing. Whether it be clipping the turf or sweeping into a tee shot, the arc of the swing must have some level of predictability as it approaches the impact zone. In many cases, golfers have way too much lateral head or body movement which disrupts the arc and can literally throw your club-head into the ground just about anywhere.

To feel a more repeating motion, imagine that your head and chest are like the Sun, the centre of our solar system. As the head remains quiet, the hands and club-head arc around the centre, just as if they were planets orbiting the Sun. Golf is the most fun when played with your imagination. Having this simple image will allow you to easily create a pure repeatable arc with a much more predictable impact!

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