Il consiglio dei professionisti

Practice Fairground

Inspiration for improving your game can be found in the most unlikely of places, according to GOLFPUNK’S lateral-thinking guru.

Great images for your golf game are all around you. Take your basic family day at the carnival, for example. While the kids are going mad, notice the smooth sweeping arc of a rollercoaster for building a rounded swing for better driving. Feel the body’s ability to explode into impact, as you ring the bell with a sledgehammer, helping you add a few yards to your game. See the rocking Pirate Ship as a pendulum, which is perfect for improved putting, while any type of shooting game is ideal to hone your target awareness and laser-like focus. Finally, take part in some underhand tossing games to develop a deft pitching touch. With a little imagination, a better game awaits GOLFPUNK loyalists in the most unlikely places.

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