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Driver From The Deck

This is the Holy Grail of golf shots. If you stand on the range sweetly belting drivers off the deck, there’s every good chance you’ll make the Ryder Cup team. FACT. But it ain’t easy. You’re as likely to be watching your ball dribble over the daisies or careering towards another fairway as you are searing towards the flag. That is, of course, until Jeff Ritter steps in to show us the easy way to pull this shot off every time.

The Brief:

To canon the club with the least amount of loft on it up the fairway in a straight and respectable manner.

The Weapons:

You will require your driver for this mission. And a deep breath.

The Execution:

There’s little room for error with this shot, so you have to be attack-minded. A good mental image to have in your mind as you step into this shot is of Lee Westwood’s swing. He is so committed and has a visible dip through the ball as he throws everything behind the shot. That’s what we’re going to need.

This trick to this shot is a slight change in posture on your downswing. I want you to feel like you’re bending into this shot as you begin to bring the club back down. I understand that this probably goes against many of the things you’ve been taught before but it will work.

A way to practise this sensation is to imagine you’re in a bar fight. In fact, imagine you’re winning a bar fight. Some mooch has grabbed your girl’s bum and given it the big ‘un. You’ve given him what for and he’s down on his knees about to get the super slo-mo, blood splattered, teeth-crunching haymaker. The sensation of your fist flying through his jaw is the same sensation you should feel as you lean into the shot and crunch your driver like there’s no tomorrow.


Unless you have a sweet lie with the ball perched up a bit, expect a low heater that runs like a rabbit down the fairway. If you have a Driver will a little more loft than normal, you may not have much trouble getting the ball up. Otherwise, you will need some big time Tiger Woods speed to get your ball climbing skyward!

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