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Cart Track King

You can be forgiven for being a fraction nervous. Your ball is resting on the cart-track, there’s no relief and two options. Broken wrists or trumpet blaring, ticker-tape parade all the way to your birdie putt on the green. Of course, the latter only happens to heroes and priests, doesn’t it? Not according to our tuition guru Jeff Ritter, who maintains that the path is not an obstruction to your goal but part of the journey you need to take to it. Be the ball, etc.

The Brief:

Nut your ball from the cart-path as if it was sweetly nestled on a fluffy piece of turf. Strut like a peacock towards the green.

The Weapons:

Whatever does the job (driver excepted), and a pair of kahunas as tough as oven-roasted coconuts.

The Execution:

OK, here’s your first thought: Screw your clubs. In a battle between metal and concrete, metal owing to is composite elemental properties is the weaker of the two, so you’re going to scrape your club. Deal with it or drop it.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s do the man-work. This is a shot that you need to cleanly pick of the surface, so position the ball in the centre of your stance and have your weight evenly distributed.

Swing about three-quarters of your normal length. This will give you a controlled and measured tempo when looking to strike it purely.

Essentially, this shot is all about fear. Does your fear outweigh your trust in your capabilities? If it does then dial 999 first. If you believe you can pull this off then trust that thought and swing through to a finish. The sparks are just nature’s way of saying ‘You are on Fire!’


Your playing partners to be shocked that you care so little for your equipment. A much better shot than you had imagined possible!

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