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Back to the Action

Let’s focus on the good thing; you’ve found your ball. Alright the 100-yard march you’ve just made was littered with swearing and a minor diversion to pick up your flung club, but at least you’ve found it. Now we just have to get it into play. Two options: take a drop and rub salt into your haemorrhaging wound or play a miracle recovery, get some pride back from your mates and a gain some belief in your ability again. Tell us how to do it Jeff!

The Brief

Escape from the tree root and put yourself back in play. Get over the fact that it won’t be easy!

The Weapons:

A nine-iron or pitching-wedge would be a good weapon here. Enough loft to get your ball up and moving.

The Execution:

'Contact, we have contact' are the words were looking for. We're going to do a few things with our body in this shot that make striking the ball cleanly a little bit harder than normal. So, a crisp clean contact means that we’ve pulled it off and have pulled off a 'roots manoeuvre' (that's one for the hip hop fans - Ed)

First off, I want you to dramatically alter the ball position. I want you to put the ball about 3î in front of my foot. Don’t worry it will feel totally alien.

Secondly, I want you to lean back slightly. This is to further exaggerate the need to put loft on the club and get that ball in the air. This will also encourage a clean strike.

The idea is to use your arm as a fulcrum in this shot. Load up the backswing by hinging up from the elbow, make sure the club face looks at the ball the whole time and fire down focusing on making as clean a contact as you can.


To miss! Don’t get me wrong your bound to get it eventually but be prepared to hit and hope at your first meeting with this shot. Also expect a few puzzled faces when you start to set-up to this one.

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