Il consiglio dei professionisti

All the gears, all the ideas...

Inspiration for improving your game can be found in the most unlikely of places, according to GOLFPUNK’S lateral-thinking guru.

When it comes to really being able to make a positive change with your golf swing, it is imperative that you learn to develop different gears with which to better feel and hone the new movement.

I recall watching Tiger Woods practice at the Masters where, to the disappointment of the on looking crowd, he proceeded to make full swings with his driver only to hit the ball no more than 100 yards. He couldn’t have cared less about the distance, what he wanted to do was ‘feel’ the new position he was working on. As he felt the move he wanted, he gradually increased his pace until he was back to full speed, only to then begin the process all over again.

Learn to be as disciplined in your practice as a tour pro with this simple speedometer drill. Begin by setting four balls up on a short tee. Make your first swing as if you were swinging at only 25 mph. The next swing will graduate to 50 mph, followed by 75mph and finally 100mph. As you progress, each ball should fly in on your intended line, just with a different carry.

As you learn your new move, you may notice that your faster paced swings will not be as good as the slower ones. Keep working through your gears until each swing works as well as the one before it. Soon you’ll be driving your own destiny.

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