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Golf Punk’s Pocket Guide to Golf Shoes

Golf shoes used to all be about formality, fold-down, frill-edged tongues to cover unsightly laces, and inch-long, ground piercing spikes designed to keep you well rooted to the turf below, but a change has come in this field and it has definitely been for the better!

Nowadays it is all about finding the lightest, most flexible and most forgiving shoe out there and their are many contenders for the best option on the market.

Footjoy offer plenty of great options along this trend, and are one of the pioneers in producing spikeless shoes such as the Footjoy M: Project, which may not deliver quite as much traction as the more old-school shoes but they are much friendlier on the feet and on the green surfaces.

It is possible to still to acheive great traction and great comfort whilst not having to give up on style and practicality and a great option to cater to all these needs is the Nike Lunar Control, soft-spiked, shoe.

They’re all comfy and waterproof these days but do I go smart, smart casual, sporty or straight up funky?

FootJoy Icon

You know they’ll be sturdy and you won’t break your toe when you inevitably kick your golf bag after that two-yard duffed chip. This is proper attire for doing business on course.

Stuburt Golf Helium Sport

You probably couldn’t wear them to the office (unless it’s dress down Friday) but certainly respectable for any golfing establishment in the world. Plus you can pull it off in long or short trousers.

Nike Golf Lunar Saddle

Absolutely jam-packed with technology, just look at them, they’re probably more advanced than your phone. Basically space-aged sleeping bags for your feet.

Puma Clyde Golf

From clubhouse to fun house, playing or partying you’ll look and feel the business. Why wouldn’t you relish the chance to walk 7 miles in Walt “Clyde the Glide” Frazier’s shoes. Summer golf in shorts and a pair of these? Nice.

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