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Puma Clyde Shoes

They say that fashion is cyclical, but there are some items that seem to stick through the ages, and the Puma Clyde is one of those.

Celebrating their 30th birthday, the Clyde was first customized for Walt “Clyde the Glide” Frazier in 1973. Decades before the Air Jordan became the staple shoewear in every sports fans closet, the Clyde was the first signature basketball shoe.

Built on performance and style, it immediately became a mainstay on the court and on the street. As a statement shoe, it was part of the uniform for cultural artists – DJs, b-boys, musicians and graffiti artists. The colors, the formstrip and the gold signature on the side of every shoe were the symbols of credibility.

Now you can make the same statement on the links. We like the simplicity of the white and black pair, they’ll look as good on the course as they will in the clubhouse, and with their spikeless sole, just as good down the pub on a Friday night.

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