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Puma Amp Cell Fusion SL

Rickie Fowler’s shoes are pimp. They kinda have to be if you are committing to dressing up like the Tango man in a trucker cap.

But the combination of his gun-slinger style and personality mean that are beginning to pay attention to what he’s using and wearing and we’d recommend that you start from the feet up.

The latest update of the AMP Cell, the SL comes in a range of matte and shiny patent options. We love the white and orange Fowler specials, obviously, but the white and silver are good for anyone who wants to be slightly less conspicuous.

There’s all manner of tech going on in the design. The smart quills on the sole are aptly named, as we’ve found they give a good steady grip across the whole surface of the shoe. In fact, the sole of the shoe has a science lab worth of tech going on inside it that we can only pretend to understand, but essentially they’ll help keep you more stable and balanced throughout the swing. That means you can really screw yourself into the ground and swing harder into the ball.

They also come with a two-year waterproof guarantee which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate.

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