Il consiglio dei professionisti

PING Moon-Lite II

A Ping Moon bag isn’t just for storing you golf clubs; it’s a rite of passage.

The Moon Bag is one of golf’s iconic statement pieces. If an opponent rocks up with a Moon bag, a scruffy set of blades, an old ping Anser sticking out the top, a driver and a ping Eye 2 1-iron, then you are in for a hard match. It’s golf stripped back to basics. You, your sticks, the course and the opposition.

In recent years they’ve been made just a fraction bigger, to help your clubs slide in and out that bit more easily and a couple of unique features have been incorporated.

We like the stand up handle in particular, which has surely come about after one of the Ping designers tripped over their laces while bending down to pick up their bag. This nifty change means you just scoop and stride, pro style.

Colourwise, the Red and Charcoal marry beautifully with your G25 Driver, but we’d proudly stroll the fairways with any of these on our shoulder.

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