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A Beast of a Golf Bag: Mizuno Golf KUMA™ Cart Bag

It might be lightweight but that doesn’t mean this golf bag isn’t still an absolute beast!

In case you aren’t familiar with Mizuno Golf’s latest creation for the golf bag genre, here it is: the Mizuno Golf KUMA™ Cart Bag; a light design that can hold serious weight.

The Mizuno Golf KUMA™ Cart Bag has multiple forward facing zip pockets and massive, gigantic expendable side storage. If there’s one guarantee you can rely on when walking onto the golf course with this bag it’s that there will always be room for more accessories and apparel.

The KUMA™ Cart Bag is flush with features. It has the ever-popular Mizuno PutterWell for excellent golf club storage, a golf towel and golf glove grip, 9 pockets catering for those extreme hoarders on the greens and Mizuno Golf’s classic EasiGrab handles and 14-way organiser top cuff.

But that isn’t all. The KUMA™ also has a pen sleeve, bottle opener and cart strap! What doesn’t this lightweight best of a golf bag have? Nothing, it would seem…

The Mizuno Golf KUMA™ Cart Bag is available to view and buy now from OnlineGolf, while you can also check out the full range of Mizuno Golf products we have to offer in our online store.